Our services

Premium chauffeur transfers of the highest quality

We offer at your disposal a wide variety of mobility services designed to better meet our customers needs.
The service packages that we offer include a variaty of features connected with the best benefits for our corporate clients: everything from a diversified car fleet, to carefully selected, well trained English speaking chauffeurs.
Alongside our premium chauffeur transfer services we offer also fleet management services or integrated service packages which can include all the services mentioned above. In addition to that, if the need is ever to arise we can provide you with short, medium or long term car rentals without driver.

  • CityShuttle
  • FleetAdmin
  • EasyTrack
  • Airport Transfers
  • Urban Transfers
  • Inter-city transfers
  • Touristic Circuits
  • Special Events
  • Integrated Services

In order to facilitate your travel between airport and destination or vice versa, we offer transfer services to and from the airport. Passengers are greeted in the arrivals lobby of the airport by a dedicated driver which follows a strict pick-up protocol. The cost of an airport transfer is fixed and includes a secure amount of waiting time. In the case of VIP guests, the pick-up is done at the landing stage and the formalities are simplified. In order to book a VMS transfer all you need to do is schedule the trip in advance so that the car you or your guest requires is reserved for the desired period.


The FleetAdmin application is VMS’s solution to manage vehicle fleets at fair prices in optimal parameters.

You can opt in for one of the following service packages:

  • FleetAdmin Management – includes all the services which touch on the legal administration of fleet units
  • FleetAdmin Maintenance – includes the services that manage technical operations for your vehicles
  • FleetAdmin Full Service – includes both legal and technical administration tools as well as dedicated personnel and road assistance (including vehicle tow and repair and the continued transportation of the driver to the desired destination)

With the help of Easy Track you know everything about your vehicle any given moment. It is extremely useful when managing your company fleet be it large or small. Easy Track monitors your car in real time relaying its positioning and route while allowing you to manage all paperwork and maintenance operations, therefore streamlining your fleet management system.

Frequently encountered problems:

  • Issuing and checking the veracity of roadmaps
  • Dispatching operations that involve the vehicles in your fleet
  • Real time on-map tracking of a vehicle
  • Automated incident alert
  • Checking, reporting and normalizing fuel consumption


  1. The GPS module that incorporates a GPRS communication SIM card is installed on each vehicle in your fleet and transmits real time information and the position of your vehicles.
  2. The application receives real time data and stores it for later use
  3. The centralized information can be exported for different kind of reports

In addition the application allows access to various modules for optimum fleet utilization:

  • Managing paperwork and legal obligations regarding vehicle registration
  • Managing maintenance operations, revisions, repairs, archiving history and managing costs
  • Driver clocking
  • Tachography
  • Income report from transportation activities
  • Expense reports from fleet exploitation
  • Integrated Reports